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Mia la Muse Burlesque Frankfurt Burlesquerie Glitzerettes

Mia la Muse

The sweethearted powerhouse


She is a dazzlingly packaged bundle of energy, glamorous and flirtatious, a  ravishing creature of the muses. High spirits guaranteed!

Mia enjoys slipping into very different roles - jungle princess, swinging angel, Monroe's baddie twin -
and they all have one thing in common - rousing enthusiasm ♥

She loves the versatility of burlesque and devotes herself to each act with the dedication of a true lover.
Feeling at home in many musical decades, she is drawing and delivering inspiration from the 20s to
contemporary modern music.

Speaking of inspiration - Mia is also an illustrator with heart and soul, designs logos, accessories & costume pieces with vintage charm and is a passionate teacher - she gives photo coachings, burlesque/showdance & rockthebilly classes and workshops - a real touche-à-tout de la création!

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Photo by Mischa Elbert

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Puttin on the Ritz (Burlesque)

Celebrating the life of the rich and famous along Park Avenue with top hat, tails and billsbillsbills! Fred astaire sends his regards with this snappy party number.

Junglerama (Burlesque)

Oobeedoo - I wanna be like you, Indeed! This is act is just bursting with joie de vivre and high spirits, danced to a swinging classic that everyone knows. Let's shake and twirl those sparkling bananas!

After Dark (Burlesque)

All dressed in a sparkling gold and black gown, Mia performs this classic tarantino-famous with a sinful goddess-of-the-night vibe.
Is she even having a snake? A boa indeed!


Heaven & Hell (Burlesque)

Tale as old as time - girl meets guy, girls tastes darkness, girl falls for it... Welcome to this heavenly hellish act, including innocence, transformation and a whip. Rawwr! A suitable act also for any Halloween party.

Angel Swing (Burlesque)

All dressed in pure sparkling white, this act is a 20ies spin-off of the 'Angelissues' and conveys a lot of showgirl vibe at the beginning. Once she falls for the sweet temptation, she delivers a dope electroswing shuffle a la Mia la Muse.

Diamonds (Burlesque)

Yes, it's Marilyn! Or to be more precise, something like her black sheep twin sister. This bonvivant loves all that costs money, especially sparkling rocks. A humorous, high-energy act with lot's of gimmicks and details to explore. 

Cabaret en violet (Showgirl-Burlesque)
Inspired by the grand dames of Vegas-cabaret, this purple dream is a real mood lifter performed to a joyous song by Pink Martini.
Long shapes, classic showgirl moves and lots of sparkles come along in this act.

Skeletons (Burlesque & Electroswing)
loves a twist in storytelling - what do actual citizens from bone-town wear when THEY celebrate halloween? Figure it out in this humorous take which includes a touch of sexy comedylesque and rousing electroswing dance in the end. Twirl them tassels, bonesister!


Eyecandy (Burlesque)

Big sister is watching you- from every angle! This subtle act comes with a touch of 20ies-noir and a hell lot of jazz, a bowler and pinstripes. 
If you've got your eye on it, don't miss the groovy neo-swing finale!

Hot Honey Rag (Showdance)

Mia and Birdie do the honors in shape of Roxy Heart and Velma Kelly, in the grande finale of Chicago - energetic, lively, and overflowing with great spirits. This song and performance spread nothing but pure joy and all that jazz!

Mein Herr (Cabaret/Showdance)

Mia goes classic Cabaret! This iconic number was created by Bob Fosse and got a creative polish by the famous cabaret star T.Darson.
Mia interprets this act very close to the original. Non-chalant and with a lot of sass, mein Herr.


Flapper Girl (Showdance)

Energetic swing number framed by a lush feather fan to the classic "Singsinging" by Benny Goodman. The choreo to this song was originally created by bellydance idol Enussah. Mia performs this act with wildly swinging fringe, sparkling stars and very few clothes.

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