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Performers, burlesque fans & artists - you are invited!


Mia la Muse founded Burlesquerie Frankfurt with the intention to create a platform that acts as a hub for burlesque in the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main area. Through the community it should be possible for fans and performers of burlesque (and other arts!) to get to know each other, exchange ideas and go to shows in groups of like-minded people.
It's great news for us to be able to collaborate with THE Grande Opera and to bundle our superpowers - and start into 2023 with some wonderful community- plans:

"Glitter & Gossip - The heartfelt beautiful burlesque community meeting" -
We gather tri-monthly, chat burlesque and toast! Who knows, maybe there will be a surprise performance at these event-eves too? We are curious to see what's going to happen!
A small side note: You don't have to be from Frankfurt/Offenbach to be part of the community. We are also looking forward to supra-regional (burlesque) projects and are excited to see which fabulous people want to join us in the future.
See you on, behind or in front of the stage and in the audience, either way - it will surely be a sparkling adventure!

Follow our instagram for "Glitter & Gossip" dates!

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