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Fräulein Rosi Rabbit

Aspiring starlet on the burlesque sky


Music was her first love ...

Our Rock Bunny with a delicate soul, which is by no means averse to the old hollywood glamour.

This Fräulein loves the freedom to be able to do what she wants. In her world there isn't only black and white, but an abundance of diversity, color and feelings. Get rid of prejudices, love and respect yourselves!

In her eyes, burlesque is a wonderful way to do this. Our newbie is still taking small steps, but it was love at first sight for her from the beginning.

To motivate and encourage is her mission, to stay positive and believe in oneself is her message.

Listen to your hearts, people and rock your life!

Find out more about this Fräulein!

Rosi on Instagram

Photo by Frl Rosie Rabbit


"Wicked game" (Burlesque) 

What game are you playing here?! Can you get rid of it?

Playing with love is dangerous and sometimes it affects us negatively.

Wake up!

You are strong and confident and you are your own ruler -

Cause if you love yourself you don't have to depend on anyone.

"Love me forever" (Burlesque) 

Classic vintage romance. This act comes with a lot of pinup charme and is sweet as love itself.

The longing for true love never goes away, because it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Let yourself be enchanted by this adorable little act, all in red ♥

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