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Birdie Bourbon

Coquettish & glamorous


Birdie was born in New Orleans as the daughter of a showgirl and a circus artist. For several years now, this little bird has been stirring up the Frankfurt burlesque scene. Sometimes elegant and sexy, sometimes flirtatious or even sporty acrobatic, that's Birdie on stage- always accompanied by her legendary wink. Her versatility fascinates the audience again and again - but watch out - don't blink! Because before you know it, Birdie will have already flown away again!

Photo by Melissa Messerschmidt


Mermaid (Balloon Burlesque)

Under the sea - where Birdie the mermaid elegantly swims, surrounded by lush bubbles. But, oh!, what happens when the bubbles start to pop? Will she bump and grind her way out of the sea?


Roller Girl (Burlesque)

If she knew you were coming, she’d have baked a cake! And served it to you on roller skates, cherry on top and everything.. But wait - where did that cherry go and will she find it in time? If you’re looking for a fun and sweet burlesque act, this is the one!


The Mooche (Fan Dance)

An elegant, short, sweet and flirtatious fan dance to a classic burlesque song. 


Fairy Godmother (Burlesque)

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo! Here comes the fairy godmother with a couple of surprises, and she will surely put a spell on you.


Hot Honey Rag (Showdance)

Mia and Birdie do the honors in shape of Roxy Heart and Velma Kelly, in the grande finale of Chicago - energetic, lively, and overflowing with great spirits. This song and performance spread nothing but pure joy and all that jazz!

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